Teen with head in his hands as parents argue in the background.

About Us

Violence is used because it's what we know and it works to get power and control in the short term. However, the bottom line is that no one deserves to be abused and no one has the right to do it.

LEAP can teach you something different. We can help you to heal from what you've experienced and teach you healthy relationship and parenting skills that will help you to make your life healthier.

LEAP has been working with people who use violence and those who have been affected by it for over 14 years. We are proud of the fact that we treat our clients respectfully, honestly and with dignity.

Our staff is very well trained in working with both urban and rural Alaskan populations, as well as military personnel. Most insurance will cover LEAP's services.

"I've seen that my old ways are wrong. I've learned to analyze situations, stay calm, and make good decisions that will help my family."

M.G. Men's Group Participant.